Happy Hour in Venice (2)

1. Festive city of water in winter

Carnival in winter makes this beautiful aquatic city sexier. Although there are fewer visitors in the winter, it is very interesting in the winter than in the summer. Visitors can follow a simple vocation as the native resident. The average temperature in winter is about 10 degrees with no cold wind or snow. Like other European cities, the market and the Christmas concert make the whole city full of happiness.
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Italians have a first class standard of living and a distinctive aesthetic standard. This is due to its long history and deep culture. It is lucky to have the chance to stroll through the streets of Venice, drink a cup of local grapes and taste the original Italian cuisine.

He needs time to tour Venice. Now, if you are tired of working, you can take the opportunity to take a look at this famous aquatic city. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
2. Festadella Sensa

Every year, on a weekend in May, Venice will celebrate a traditional festival called Festadella Sensa, which is a traditional festival that has thousands of history. It is now the symbol of the brain of the city of Venice.
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3. Feast of the Redemption
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The third Sunday in July each year is a traditional celebration of the Feast of the Redenoto. During this festival, a huge shooting ceremony will be held. You can enjoy 45 minutes of fireworks in St. Mark’s Square .. The best place to see fireworks is the Hotel Danieli. It is in a pretty good location, right next to Doge Palace, in St. Mark’s Square. The Dameli Hotel is a truly special five-star hotel. It is the classic structure of Venice.
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4. Film Festival

The world-famous film festival is held every September. This ten-day festival is held on Lido Island. It attracts a large number of movie stars and film workers. The number of journalists is also over 1800. During the festival, seven cinemas on this island will show these films to show them. Lido Island is the largest island in Venice. Here is always the best place for vocation. This island is gaining a lot more reputation due to the film festival.
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Virtual currency games

The dream of all young children (and many older men) to make a living playing video games is coming true. The recent launch of HunterCoin and VoidSpace in development, games that reward players in digital currency instead of virtual princesses or gold stars point to a future where the ranking of a marker can be rewarded in dollars and pounds sterling. , euros and yen.
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The story of the millionaire (virtual) real estate agent …

Digital currencies have been gradually gaining maturity, both in terms of their functionality and the financial infrastructure that allows them to be used as a credible alternative to non-virtual fiat currency. Although Bitcoin, the first and best known of the cryptocurrencies, was created in 2009, there have been forms of virtual currencies used in video games for over 15 years. Ultima Online of 1997 was the first notable attempt to incorporate a large-scale virtual economy into a game.
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Players could collect gold coins by undertaking missions, fighting monsters and finding treasures and spending them on armor, weapons or real estate. It was a first incarnation of a virtual currency as it existed purely within the game, although it reflected the real world economy to the point that the Ultima currency experienced inflation as a result of the game mechanics it ensured. that there was an endless supply of monsters to kill and therefore gold coins to collect.
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Launched in 1999, EverQuest took a virtual currency game a step further, allowing players to exchange virtual goods with each other within the game and even though the game designer also banned selling virtual items on eBay. In a real-world phenomenon that was explored with entertainment in Neal Stephenson’s 2011 novel Reamde, Chinese players or “gold farmers” were employed to play EverQuest and other such games in time. complete with the goal of earning experience points to improve your characters. making them more powerful and sought after.
These characters would be sold on eBay to Western players who were unwilling or unable to devote hours to level up their own characters. Based on the calculated exchange rate of EverQuest currency as a result of real-world trade, Edward Castronova, a professor of telecommunications at Indiana University and an expert on virtual currencies, estimated that in 2002 EverQuest was the 77th richest country in the world, somewhere between Russia and Bulgaria and its GDP per capita was higher than that of the People’s Republic of China and India.
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Launched in 2003 and having reached one million regular users in 2014, Second Life is perhaps the most comprehensive example of a virtual economy to date when it comes to the virtual currency, the Linden Dollar, which is you can use to buy or sell goods and services within the game.
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exchange for real world currencies using market-based stock exchanges. $ 3.2 billion in virtual gaming transactions were recorded in virtual goods over the ten years between 2002-13 and Second Life has become a marketplace where players and businesses were able to design, promote and sell the content they created. In 2006, Ailin Graef became Second Life’s first millionaire when she turned an initial investment of $ 9.95 into more than $ 1 million in 2.5 years through the purchase, sale and exchange of virtual real estate. to other players. Examples like Ailin are the exception to the rule, however, only 233 users registered who earned more than $ 5,000 in 2009 for Second Life activities.
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How to pay in dollars for asteroid mining …

Until now, the ability to generate non-virtual money in video games has been secondary design, as the player must go through unauthorized channels to exchange their virtual loot or must have some degree of real-world creative skill or business vision. which could be exchanged for cash. This could change with the advent of video games being built from the ground up around the “plumbing” of recognized digital currency platforms. The approach HunterCoin has taken is to “gamify” what is usually the rather technical and automated process of creating digital currency.
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Unlike real-world currencies that appear when printed by a central bank, digital currencies are created “mined” by users. The underlying source code for a particular digital currency that allows it to function is called a blockchain, a decentralized online public book that records all transactions and currency exchanges between individuals. Because digital currency is nothing more than intangible data, it is more prone to fraud than physical currency, as it is possible to double a unit of currency thus causing inflation or altering the value of a transaction after it has been done.
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for personal gain. To ensure that this does not happen, the blockchain is “controlled” by volunteers or “miners” who test the validity of each transaction that is made, so that, with the help of specialized hardware and software, they say that the data has not been manipulated. This is an automatic process for mining software, although it is time consuming and involves a lot of processing power from your computer. To reward a miner for verifying a transaction, the blockchain releases a new digital currency unit and rewards them as an incentive to maintain network maintenance, creating digital currency. Because it can take from several days to years for a person to successfully extract a coin, user groups combine their resources into a mining “pool,” using the joint processing power of their computers to extract more coins. quickly.
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The HunterCoin game is within this blockchain for a digital currency also called HunterCoin. Playing replaces the automated process of digital currency exploitation and, for the first time, turns it into a manual and without the need for expensive hardware. Through strategy, time and teamwork, players venture on a map in search of coins and find some and return safely to their base (other teams are out there trying to stop them and steal -they) can withdraw their coins by depositing them in their own digital wallet, usually an application designed to make and receive digital payments. 10% of the value of coins deposited by players goes to miners who maintain the HunterCoin blockchain plus a small percentage of coins lost when a player kills and their coins are dropped. While the game’s graphics are basic and significant rewards take a long time to accumulate HunterCoin is an experiment that can be considered as the first video game with built-in monetary reward as its main feature.
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While still in development, VoidSpace is a more polished approach to gaming in a functioning economy. VoidSpace, a massive online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG), is set in space where players explore a growing universe, undermining natural resources such as asteroids and exchanging them for merchandise with other players with the goal of building its own galactic empire. Players will be rewarded for mining on DogeCoin, a more established form of digital currency that is currently widely used for micropayments on various social networking sites. DogeCoin will also be the currency of player-to-player trading between players and the means to shop within the game. Like HunterCoin, DogeCoin is a legitimate and fully functioning digital currency and, like HunterCoin, can be exchanged for both digital and real fiat currencies on stock exchanges like Poloniex.
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The future of video games?

While these are early days in terms of quality, the launch of HunterCoin and VoidSpace is an interesting indication of what the next evolution of the games could be. MMORPGs are currently seen as ways to model outbreaks of epidemics as a result of how players ’reactions to an unwanted pest reflected difficult-to-model aspects of human behavior in the face of real-world outbreaks. It could be assumed that eventually the game’s virtual economies could be used as models to test economic theories and develop responses to massive failures based on observations of how players use real-value digital currency. It is also a good test for the functionality and possible applications of digital currencies that promise to go beyond simple exchange vehicles and, for example, to interesting areas of digital ownership. Meanwhile, players now have the means to translate hours in front of a screen into digital currency and then into dollars, pounds sterling, euros or yen.
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But before leaving the daily work …

… it is worth mentioning the current exchange rates. It is estimated that a player could comfortably recoup their initial 1,005 HunterCoin (HUC) registration fee to join HunterCoin in the game on a game day. Currently, HUC cannot be exchanged directly for USD, it has to become a more established digital currency like Bitcoin. At the time of writing the exchange rate from HUC to Bitcoin (BC) is 0.00001900, while the exchange rate from BC to USD is $ 384.24. 1 HUC changed to BC and then to USD, before transaction fees were taken into account, would equate to … $ 0.01 USD.
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That’s not to say that as a player becomes more skilled, he can’t grow his virtual CoinHunters team and maybe use some “bot” programs that would automatically play the game under the guise of another player and win also coins for them. but I think it’s safe to say that right now even efforts like this can only really produce enough change for a daily McDonalds. Unless players are willing to indulge in intrusive advertising within the game, share personal data, or join a game such as CoinHunter based on the Bitcoin blockchain, rewards are unlikely to be more than micropayments for to casual players. And maybe that’s good, because surely, if you’re paid for something, it’s no longer a game?
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Studerer udenlandsk valuta – hemmeligheder de ikke kan fortælle

Er det en god idé at lære Forex på et mæglerkursus? Jeg tror det ikke er ^ Hvorfor? Læs denne artikel og find ud af hvorfor…

Hej, mit navn er Andrew Minin. Jeg har arbejdet som finansanalytiker og finansingeniør i store amerikanske og europæiske banker i over et årti, og du ved…

Jeg er forbløffet over ineffektiviteten hos de mennesker, der leder kurser, skriver bøger, blogs, skaber websteder eller fora, relateret til Forex trading eller andre finansielle markeder …

Først, der er så meget mere selv i de bedste bøger om markedsføring …

For eksempel i Colbys “The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators”. Der er 834 sider, 127 symboler (og disse er forældede!). Og hvad du kan bruge er stadig en hemmelighed …

Igen, for dem, der studerer FOREX handel, er markedsmønstrene uklare …

Ved du for eksempel, hvad du skal gøre, eller hvad du skal gøre, hvis USA’s BNP falder med 5 %?

  • USD vil falde på grund af svækkelsen af ​​den amerikanske økonomi?
  • Vil dollarprisen stige, fordi investorerne har forladt sikkerheden for at gå til kontanter?
  • Der sker ikke noget, fordi indskyderne fjernede oplysningerne på forhånd?

Kender du det rigtige svar?

Hvorfor fortæller en respekteret forsker dig noget, og en anden siger anderledes? Og det vigtigste spørgsmål er: “Hvad skal du gøre?”

Tredje, du har måske solgt FOREX i et stykke tid, men ikke endnu …

Du bliver bedt om at finde din egen vej … At du skal fortsætte med at researche, lære, gøre …

Men det tjener kun behovene hos de virksomheder, der sørger for finansieringen af ​​virksomheden. For at bevare den interesse, du har brug for, skal du lave diskussioner i forskellige fora bare ved at tænke på de samme spørgsmål på forskellige måder. For at tjene på salget af disse bøger … Og fordi de ikke ved, hvordan man begynder at tjene penge på de finansielle markeder.

Og der er kun fem stærke handelshemmeligheder på de finansielle markeder, inklusive FOREX, der giver dig mulighed for at blive en succesfuld erhvervsdrivende. Så du behøver ikke at grave igennem så mange bøger, hjemmesider og fora for at finde svaret … Forsinkelse i det åbne rum, hvordan man fortolker informationen og hvem eksperterne kan stole på, tjek altid “Hellig gral”.

Digital markedsføring – Fordelene ved konkurrence

Hvorfor digital stemme altid har været det samme at være af høj kvalitet og forbundet med kunden, fordi verden er blevet mere kompleks og mere forbundet end for ti år siden.

Jo mere du forbinder dig med mennesker, jo mere vokser du. Jeg håber, at dine forespørgselskommentarer giver eksempler –

Facebook-omsætningen voksede fra 7,87 milliarder i 2013 til 27,64 milliarder USD i 2016, Apple-omsætningen voksede fra 65,2 milliarder i 2010 til 215 milliarder USD i 2016.

Er det ikke fantastisk.

Hvad er forskellene mellem de store grupper (der ikke klarer sig godt – Siemens, GE, Ford, GM, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft) og sammenligne dem med Facebook, Apples, WhatsApp og andre sådanne virksomheder, der er vokset eksponentielt i de sidste 5 år.

Denne mangfoldighed omfatter mange ting, og en af ​​de store ting er dette – At være DIGITAL forbinder MENNESKER og MASKINER rundt om i verden, og resultatet er økonomisk vækst.

WhatsApp chat app sælger 20 milliarder. Fordi nogen i verden forstår vigtigheden af ​​kundebase på den digitale platform.

Det er, hvad vi kan opnå for din virksomhed, uanset om det er lille eller mellemstor eller stor. Det er tid til at bevæge sig rundt i verden, blive digital, udvide din rækkevidde, være et navn i folks sind.

Kommuniker med dine kunder online nu, ellers får konkurrenterne denne mulighed.

Ved du, hvordan TRUMP eller MODI vandt valget? Digital markedsføring og medier gjorde dem i stand til at være hjemmebaserede.

Det er nødvendigt i en time at få bygget en stærk digital markedsføringsløsning for at tilskynde virksomheden og dens produkter til at blive et kendt navn og etablere forbindelser med mennesker (prospects).

Jeg håber, at vi alle modtager salgsfremmende opkald for at købe vores kredit. Disse er ofte blinde telefoner, fordi telefonannoncører kun får telefonnumre på velstillede mennesker, men det betyder ikke, at de vil købe din virksomhed. Derfor kan online konverteringsraten ikke være mere end 5 %.

Hvis vi bringer Data Science Intelligence i vores måde at nå ud til kunder baseret på demografi, forretningspræferencer, kategorier, alder, køn, pengebeløb, kultur, baggrund. Du vil ikke spilde din tid på at sælge de forkerte ting til de forkerte kunder. Tænk bare på, hvor meget klogere det ville være, hvis du solgte et hus til en peon eller en ambassadør for en virksomheds administrerende direktør.

FORBIND dig godt digitalt med din KUNDE. Og se svaret. Digital markedsføring udvikler sig stadig, følg med og GØR FRI for de nyeste teknologier og bring dem i PLAY for at få din virksomhed til at vokse.
Kan vi hjælpe?

DigiSciFi er en velkendt virksomhed inden for digital marketing, Website Growth, Data Science Approach in Marketing for at øge kundernes engagement.

Kontakt os – vi kan ændre hele din idé om annoncering.

Leder – DigiSciFi

Softwarefirma for Response in Digital Marketing og Data Science Intelligence, Website Development, Software Testing, Workflow Technology og CRM Consulting.

Få en konsekvent fortjeneste fra udenlandsk valuta – 4 tips til at tjene permanent overskudshandel i udenlandsk valuta

  1. Tro ikke et øjeblik på, at du kan hoppe på markedet og hoppe med et par pips til dit navn. Markedet kan være meget uhøfligt for intetanende ‘spillere’. Jeg kalder disse handlende ‘spillere’, fordi det er det, de laver – når de spiller med deres penge, ved de ikke, hvordan markedet fungerer.
  2. Nogle handlende omtaler forex trading som “væddemål”. Helt ærligt stoler jeg ikke på sådanne mæglere. For folk, der ‘gør forretning’, kan dette være en meget interessant historie. Gambling er for spillere, der bare prøver lykken. Handlende ved, hvor produktet er på vej hen og køber det, så de kan sælge det senere for at tjene penge.
  3. Finansielle regler gælder også, og for at hjælpe ‘handleren’ er der mange værktøjer, der hjælper med at bestemme værdien og tilgængeligheden af ​​de varer, de sælger, på hvilket tidspunkt disse to fonde.
  4. At tjene penge på handel med forex tager tid. For at være ærlig, tog det mig 6 ​​år. Jeg kan stadig ikke finde ud af, hvor jeg skal gå hen, eller hvor jeg kan gå konkurs for at tjene penge. Jeg ved dog, hvornår det er tid til at minimere mine tab. Læs videre for at finde ud af hvordan:

Valutahandelslove, der virker for mig – Manuel handel, professionel tegning, daglig minimumsoptælling, brug af to skærme og rentabilitet for provisioner

Jeg har udviklet en metode i mange år, en fuldstændig menneskeskabt metode, hvorfor den ikke testes på en ‘strategitester’ – måske på grund af manglende skriveviden – men jeg tvivler på, at den kan være selvforklarende.

Min tilgang omhandler professionelle diagrammer, historier og personlig observation. Min metode tager 10 til 400 point pr. lille pip ved at bruge MT4-platformen. Det involverer at sidde foran et projekt i timevis (6 til 10 timer) hver dag og derefter andre.

Selvom det kan håndtere op til 20 vellykkede handler i træk (med mindst 7 vellykkede handler), er det ikke muligt at komme ind på markedet flere gange om dagen. Nogle gange laver jeg kun 2 salg om dagen, nogle gange ikke. Men jeg var ikke i stand til at bestille mere end 5 ordrer på en dag.

Jeg tjener i gennemsnit 25 point om dagen, hvilket giver 500 point om måneden. På pip-platformen, når jeg sælger 16 partier (10.000 USD pr. lot), tjener jeg 800 USD om måneden! Ikke dårligt for en handelskonto på 500 USD med en chance på 1:400!

Det kan være smertefuldt at sidde i timevis og stirre på skærmen og vente på at blive installeret. Men så bliver jeg også som en forfatter. Den ene seddel er givet til min valutahandel og den anden til min forfatterkarriere.

Jeg har 6 af mine andre forex-konti, der betaler mig penge fra renter, så tænker jeg, at ‘PIP’er’ virkelig stemmer overens. Ikke dårligt for ‘side business!’

Forex Trading Tips – Hvordan du kan tjene mindst 200 Pips ugentlig Trading Forex

At få 200 pips på forexmarkedet kan virke umuligt for mange (også dig sandsynligvis), hvis du aldrig har gjort dette. Pointen er let at forstå her – I betragtning af en erhvervsdrivende, der altid er i stand til at skubbe omkring 200 pips fra valutamarkedet hver uge, kan denne form for profit aldrig stoppe ham. På den anden side, hvis du er en type trader, der kæmper for at lave 50 – 80 pips hver uge, kan dette mål på 200 pips virke umuligt for dig (især her). Intet er dog umuligt eller umuligt, så længe du bryder alt og forsøger at forstå, hvordan det sker på en enkel måde – Ligeledes denne metode til at tjene 200 pips om ugen.

Lad mig dele nedenfor:

I forex trading er det at være “konsekvent” nøglen til succes kontinuerligt hver måned og over en lang periode. Intet slår denne kendsgerning og bekræftelse. Så i stedet for at finde ud af, hvordan man laver 200 pips om ugen, skal du bare opdele det til 40 pips om dagen. Ikke kun 40 pips er et muligt mål, men det er også et “sandt” mål. Hvorfor siger jeg det?

Fordi næsten alle valutapar er tilgængelige til salg, kan deres gennemsnitlige daglige pips være mellem 100 – 150 pips minimum. Derfor, hvis du kun vil have 40 pips fra dette mærke, er det muligt at gøre det, når du først forstår de konkrete pointer, jeg deler her. For dette eksempel, lad mig bruge EUR / USD til at beskrive denne metode. Dette er en af ​​de bedst sælgende og overkommelige investeringer.

Her er nogle tips til modigt at forsvare 40 pips:

1) Brug regelmæssigt til store tidsrammer omkring 1 time eller 4 timer hver

Ser man på de store tider, ser man på de “store” ædelmetaller på markedet. Som et resultat ser du ikke kun på pålidelige signaturer og designs, der er skabt ud fra diagrammet, men heller ikke kedelige trods alt sammenlignet med at se på et minuts eller 5 minutters diagrammer i stedet.

2) Du skal sælge med en god “risiko/belønning” på mindst 1,5x

Forex handel er bare et levedygtigt spil. Så længe du taber mindre end du vinder hver gang og bare rydder op og gentager igen og igen, vil du være i den “bedste” zone hver måned. Derfor kan du ved at bruge en risiko/belønning på 1,5x justere din fortjeneste til 45 pips (dobbelt som EUR / USD) hver gang og stoppe med at tabe ved 30 pips. Hvis du nøje overholder dette tal, vil du altid vinde 45 pips, men hvis du taber, er det kun 30 pips.

At tabe et par stykker og vinde meget – det kaldte jeg det!

3) Lær eksterne marketingstrategier for alle side- og trendmarkeder

På forexmarkedet bevæger markedet sig enten i en retningsbestemt (startende) ELLER retning. Og det smukke ved det er, at du kan skubbe de pips (profit) du ønsker fra alle markeder, når du har andre muligheder på et andet marked.

Hvis du lægger alt pres på din side, er det ikke godt at bruge én metode på alle markedsforhold, for på denne måde vil du ikke have gode resultater over tid eller enten “brud” heller. Så alt du skal gøre er at indarbejde de bedste praksisser, der er designet til sidemarkedet og bevægelse på dit handelsmarked. Og de bedste strategier, du kan bruge, kan indstilles på selve Price Action.


Dette skyldes, at Price Action ikke er langsom, og de “ideer” du finder på det rigtige Price Action-marked er ofte pålidelige. På den anden side, hvis du stoler for meget på såkaldte “tekniske indikatorer”, kan du lide af forvirring og usikkerhed, fordi de ofte er mindre pålidelige og upålidelige sammenlignet med Price Action.

Med disse 3 gennemprøvede tips vil din indsats for at lave 200 pips om ugen ikke være et problem. Du kan tabe meget, men hvis du kan handle to gange om dagen (ved at bruge TP 45 pips & SL 30 pips) og dine strategier er 50% nøjagtige – 200 pips i slutningen af ​​ugen er bestemt muligt! Så hvis du er interesseret i at forfine din tankegang og dine marketingfærdigheder til at lave 200 pips hver uge, så prøv at blive fortrolig med disse tre regler ved at bruge en DEMO-konto først.

Efter du “regelmæssigt” har optjent 200 pips igen og igen hver uge, kan du gå til Live-handelskontoen, hvis du ønsker det. 200 pips om ugen ville svare til omkring 800 pips om måneden. Ved du nu, hvor mange af disse pips, der kan hjælpe med at øge din kontostørrelse og sætte dig i en risiko på 2 -3 % hver gang? Jeg vil sige, det er nok til at gøre mange handlende rundt om i verden “fyldt med jalousi”, når de finder ud af din succes med forex!

Vil du tjene penge på Forex handel? Se på Price Action

For at være helt ærlig er det subjektivt at lave pips i Foreign Exchange for ét tegn; Omkostningshandlinger. Jeg ser ingen grund til at kombinere diagrammer med så mange indikatorer, som vi heller ikke følger på grund af prisskiltet på det tidspunkt. Husk, vi er involverede iværksættere, ikke?

At tjene penge på handel på forexmarkedet er sandsynligvis ikke muligt, hvis vi ikke gør en måde at forstå, hvad prisen fortæller os.

Lad os nu tage en side for eksempel.

For salg af GBP / USD, antag at de to er begyndt at associere med GBP vokser, og I er sandsynligvis begge. Du er glad, du forstår det, og pludselig, hvis du ser godt nok ud, ser du, at kraften i GBP halter bagud, men dine signaler bekræfter stadig, hvad der foregår, så i stedet for at tage din fortjeneste i det øjeblik, forlader du sandsynligvis virksomheden åben og pludselig allerede. dine egne øjne og allerede før du siger “Jack” skifter bølgerne, slikker din brændende finger, mens de hørbare signaler blot følger, hvad der ændrer sig. stakkels dig ..

Nu kan du måske sige, hvad mener han med dette? At følge vores indikatorer kan være den bedste måde, men den sikreste måde er at se på værdien i øjeblikket i henhold til skiltene.

I mit diagram, med SMA100, har jeg prøvet og set, at når priserne går op (op eller ned), er der altid et møde, men når jeg ser på prisklassen, finder jeg ud af, at det ikke altid er tilfældet. . Ofte er træerne knækket, bare for forandringens skyld.

Vil du lave valutahandel? Pas på prishandling! Jeg kan ikke lade være med at gentage dette igen og igen. Jeg har sagt dette flere gange, nogle for at få mig på rette spor og tidligt nok til at sige 70% af tiden, lære at ansøge i lang tid. Det får dig meget. Held og lykke til jer derude.

Vil du handle med valutamarkedet rentabelt? Pocket en masse pips og nyde din ferie? Derefter skal du altid lede efter værdihandlinger.

Sådan tjener du 300 $ om dagen på Forex-markedet

Hvordan tjener man 300 $ om dagen på Forex-markedet? Der er mange måder, du kan kun gøre dette, hvis du ved, hvordan man laver 30 pips hver dag. 1 pip på almindelige aktier svarer til $10, så 30 pips betyder at tjene $300. Alt du behøver er en Forex-metode, der kan tjene dig 30 pips om dagen.

Den enkleste Forex-metode, der kan tjene dig 30 pips om dagen, er skalpering. Scalping er en måde at komme hurtigt ind og ud af markedet for at lave 15-30 pips på handel. Du behøver kun to vellykkede skalperinger om dagen for at lave mindst 30 pips.

Den eneste grund til at du har brug for et godt skalperingssystem med korrekte regler for ind-, ud- og stoptab. Du skal kende skalperingsprocessen for din showkonto og lave 30 ubegrænsede pips hver dag. Hvis ikke, skal du ændre rækkefølgen med en anden. Det er bedst at kigge efter et skalperingssystem, der ikke tager mere end 2 timer at lave 30 kerner om dagen. På den måde skal du ikke bare kigge på din computer.

Uanset hvad, kan markedsskalpering manuelt være tidskrævende og kedeligt. Der er mange handlende, der ikke er særlig gode til at skalpere, selv efter mange års forretning. Men du kan bruge en skalperrobot, der kan klare opgaven selv. Alt du skal gøre er at indstille standardindstillingerne, prøve dem og lade scalper-robotten sælge på din live-konto. Skalpering opstår, når markedsvolatiliteten er minimal. Brug den passende suspension i tilfælde af at du taber, din konto vil ikke blive beskadiget.

Men forestil dig, du er ny til Forex trading, og du kender ikke skalpering og har ingen idé om, hvordan man får skalperrobot til at fungere. Hvad skulle du gøre? Der er en nem måde tilgængelig for folk, der ikke har tid til at lære Forex trading og ikke har tid til at handle Forex.

Abonner på det bedste Forex trading arbejde med en pro trader. I dag sælger mange af disse handlende deres live signaturer via sms og e-mails. De giver dig også et annonceringsprogram, som vil blive krediteret din konto baseret på de annoncer, dine kunder laver.

De fleste af disse handlende laver mellem 30-50 pips. Som et resultat heraf kan legitime handlende abonnere på Forex-signaler og bruge en handelsplatform give dig 30 nemme pips om dagen eller $ 300 dollars.

Nøgle Forex nyheder for 2018

Vi ved alle, at historier er en vigtig del af vores liv. Ingen morgen er gået for os uden at kigge i avisen, mens vi drikker en kop varm te. Men med alle nyhederne om, hvad der foregår rundt om i verden, er det godt for en at være opmærksom på, hvad der foregår inde i landet med hensyn til handel, valutaveksling og så videre, og hvordan landets valuta flyder. Der er mange hjemmesider, magasiner og mobilapps, hvor man kan læse Forex-artikler og finde ud af, hvordan valutamæglere gør fremskridt og sætter deres kræfter i at gøre det lokale finansmarked til en succes. Fortæl os om de seneste valutanyheder, som kan give os et dybdegående kig på det internationale finansmarked, valutatendenser og økonomiske resultater.

Den kinesiske centralbank har brugt sin anden investering på Forex i 2018

Iris Pang, økonom hos ING, har bekræftet, at Kinas centralbank i 2018 brugte 91,58 milliarder dollars på Forex-køb. Dette har været den næststørste investering i 2018, med de største udenlandske investeringsudgifter i september 2018 og steg til 119,39 milliarder dollar.

Dette er et vidnesbyrd om, at udenlandsk valuta er blevet en stor økonomisk aktivitet i mange lande, og en stor del af de internationale valutaer går til valutareserver. Forex-handlere er meget vigtige i at lede det udenlandske marked, fordi de bidrager væsentligt til udvekslingen af ​​udenlandsk valuta.

EUR forventes at sælge aktier fra nu af

Forskellige eksperter fra UOB har udtalt, at EUR forventes at sælge side om side fra nu af. De seneste aktier er aftaget, og det er derfor, EUR bør handle sidelæns, i det mindste lige nu, sandsynligvis inden for 1,128 til 1,144. Det forventes, at det kan tage flere uger for EUR at passere disse stadier. De forskellige signaler er næsten flade lige nu, og den seneste bevægelse viser den integrerede del.

USD falder, GBP på den niende sky

Pound of the Great Britain er den klare vinder i en nylig begivenhed. Det varede meget længe i over en uge og var på 1,29. EUR er stadig på 1,14, med en lille stigning på grund af Brexit-hovedpine. Mens GBP stiger kraftigt, som vi har set før, gør den amerikanske dollar ikke, hvad der forventes på mange områder. Det falder bagud for deres jævnaldrende, med undtagelse af NZD og AUD.

Artikler som disse giver os en masse detaljer om finanser og valutaer i forskellige lande, gør de ikke?

Solutions Blochchain Will Affect In Transportation And Trucking Industry

Blockchain technology is often associated with Bitcoin only, however, it is much more than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general.

Nowadays, there are tons of problems in administrative spheres, trade, finance world etc. that can be solved through the simple application of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can help these industries to increase their effectiveness, efficiency and at the same time stay away from extra hassles, complications, and corruption.

For instance, nowadays, in the transportation sector companies have to wait more than a month in order to receive a payment (for an average invoice). The administration costs that are paid to various third parties keep increasing and eventually become a larger share of the overall costs that are incurred by the companies. There are various challenges that come up while coordinating the supply and the demand, which results in trucks driving billions of kilometers without any load or with a very light one. The most interesting thing about blockchain technology is the fact that it is capable to solve all the listed problems that exist in the transportation industry along with a number of other sectors which have nothing to do with transportation.

As of now, one may wonder what a magical thing is the blockchain technology that it is capable of solving so many problems that exist in industries that are so different from one another.

At first glance, it may seem a bit absurd that a single technology is capable of solving various issues in such diverse industries. However, blockchain technology plays one major role for different sectors, which is making operations within multiple services more efficient and with as few costs as possible (by mainly cutting out the costs in logistics).

Nowadays, blockchain technology is enabling platforms to make the coordination of various documents shared on distributed ledger smoother and easier. In the meantime, smart contracts make the customs clearance and approvals much faster as they require way less time for processing goods at checkpoints. The blockchain is capable of ensuring users with data that is trusted in the ecosystem of the given industry. To make this possible, the whole network appears to be a contributor to the data validation process. All of these improvements are done by cutting the needs of the physical paperwork.

If we take a look at the example of the transportation sector, a single shipment may need to be passed through more than thirty companies and may require communication with hundreds of different parties. In fact, a single error in this long communication chain may result in issues such as a loss or a hold. To avoid such errors, blockchain records all the steps in a permanent and in a very safe manner.
In the transportation and especially in the shipping industry, the practice shows that the demand for quick deliveries is increasing all the time. As a result, the traditional delivery systems are not as efficient anymore and neither capable to meet this rising demand. In this sector, blockchain technology can give instant and prompt solutions that can improve the tracking and the authentication processes that the orders go through.

Taking all these issues and their potential solutions with blockchain technology, we come to the conclusion that this technology is a necessity for the currently existing supply chains.

The only problem with the blockchain technology right now is the lack of awareness. A lot of people do not know about blockchain at all, many others have heard of it but do not understand how it works and what it is about. At the end of the day, blockchain can be a bit confusing and hard to understand. For that reason, this article will cast light on questions starting from “What is blockchain?” all the way to “How can blockchain technology revolutionize sectors such as transportation?”

What is blockchain?

The fundament of the blockchain technology is cryptography, which is a branch of mathematics. It works as a shared digital ledger (series of blocks that are encrypted and linked to one another in a public chain) and is completely decentralized. Blockchain works by fully relying on the consensus of the peer network from around the globe. This way, it is impossible to modify one block without the modification of the whole chain and without getting the consensus of the peer network as a whole. Thanks to these features, the chances of the potential not legit and fake data are very low and almost none at all.

For example, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency) that is authenticated and exchanged through the blockchain technology. The main benefits of this cryptocurrency are the result of the application of blockchain. Those benefits include things like a high transaction speed, very low costs (in some cases none), high security, and elimination of third parties at the time of a transaction.
The transactions within blockchain technology usually take place as follows:

1. One party sends money to the other party.
2. The online transaction appears as a block.
3. The block is similar to broadcast for all the parties within the network. The role of this network is to approve the validity of the transactions.
4. After the validation, the block gets recorded in the chain in a transparent and undeniable manner.
5. The transaction is finalized and the money goes from the first party to the second one.

Please note that there are more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies in the world and Bitcoin is just one of those. All these cryptocurrencies together have a market capitalization that exceeds half-a-trillion US dollars. It is important to mention that there are many cryptocurrencies, which are aiming to improve different aspects of businesses and are working hard to increase efficiency, instead of being just a plain type of money.

Some of the industries that have been actively adopting the blockchain technology are the trucking and commercial transportation. Bellow, you may find the list of the improvements that this technology is able to bring with it.

Top 10 changes that blockchain technology brings up

1. New and effective way to check a performance history.

For instance, in case a business or a company is wanting to buy a vehicle that is second hand, with the help of the blockchain technology the buyer has a chance to see the information related to the previous performances of the given vehicle along with the maintenance history it has.

There are some businesses, which provide this service, however, the fact is that similar businesses are intermediaries. The presence of intermediaries may create problems such as time-consuming processes, extra costs, privacy, and safety issues and so on. The blockchain is capable of solving all of these issues and can allow having a high quality of experience without the involvement of any outside parties.

2. Trustworthy method for the validation of new records.

Like in the previous example, when a business or company can check the history of a second-hand vehicle, blockchain also makes it possible to record and validate the information about the new carrier. In other words, in case you decide to sell the vehicle to another person, the new buyer has a chance to see the history that has been incurred after your purchase. This is important in terms of gaining trust and for the successful trade in general.

3. Impossible to falsify the records.

The blockchain technology creates a decentralized network and holds all the records across the industry it is applied in. This information cannot be falsified and can be verified within a few seconds. In case of modifying a certain part of the data, the whole thing has to be modified too. In contrast to this, the current data recorders that exist can be falsified and changed. This often allows people to fake, manipulate or take other corrupt actions.

4. Improvements in tracking

As it has already been mentioned above, the demand for the instant and same day deliveries keeps increasing around the world, however, many companies are incapable of meeting the demand with the current resources and technologies. Blockchain technology can be a true innovation for such companies as it will authenticate the data safely and will improve the operations continuously. This is also a good alternative for avoiding heavy investments in tracking technology.

5. Data security

The security of data recorded on the blockchain technology is maximized. This is very crucial as only trustworthy authenticated data can allow improvements in operations. The lack of the data security can also create problems such as manipulation and a number of misunderstandings. In case of using blockchain technology for the data authentication, the network as a whole will be able to validate as well as contribute to the data. This way the data will not be a subject to manipulations. In fact, the reliability of information is very important for a high-quality business in any industry.

For instance, in case of temperature controlled transportation, this is very important because of the dependency it has on the timely delivery. Many companies, which already use this approach to confirm that it helps in terms of transparency, efficiency, and authenticity of supply chain around the world.

6. Better communication with IoT aka Internet of Things

IoT and blockchain combination is seen as a good solution for communication issues as well. For instance, some companies use these technologies for the vehicle to vehicle communications (also known as V2V). This allows several vehicles to stay in touch and check on each other by communicating about matters such as the safety, the fuel situation and so on. The communication that takes place in the V2V format is stored and also validates the newly created data on the blockchain. Many people believe that this can be helpful for the companies from around the globe to streamline own operations.

7. Increase in efficiency through AI aka Artificial Intelligence and IoT aka Internet of Things

The combination of blockchain technology and IoT innovations also appear to be very useful for monitoring purposes.For example, a shipping company can put IoT sensors in the trucks or other vehicles that it owns in order to get informed about how much space is available at the time of a certain shipment. This can be helpful for finding out the costs (or other details) and for transmitting this information to the second component of the combo – the blockchain technology. Some companies today use blockchain technology to enable the IoT sensors and as a result, they are able to monitor the location of each vehicle they own along with the temperature and the level of humidity for each one. This way such companies have an ability to control the deviation rate of the temperature. As a matter of fact, some of these companies also use blockchain for recording all kinds of documentation (related to financial departments, customer service, etc.).

Blockchain technology also allows companies to transport valuable products in a safe and immutable manner by recording all the documentation of the entire process of the product shipping. The shippers can get a big advantage from this opportunity taking into account the fact that the global shipments go through several checkpoints that are done by different companies.

8. Cutting costs with smart contracts by eliminating the middlemen

Smart Contracts are tasks coded through blockchain technology that execute themselves when a specific condition is met. For example, in case a company is interested in releasing a payment for the shipper as soon as the ordered item gets to its destination, through smart contacts, it can automate the process. In other words, the payment can be realized as soon as the item makes its way to the intended destination. Nowadays, the supply chains are based on a system that is full of papers and is very inefficient. It takes a while until it goes through some channels and gets the required approvals. This process is time-consuming process increases the chances of frauds and losses.

The blockchain and the smart contracts can fully eliminate the extra and the unnecessary hustles that are nowadays created due to the long supply chains. This will also have a positive impact on the costs and there will be zero chances of mistakes in the overall process.

It is important to mention, that by saying cutting the administrative costs, we talk about a big portion of the entire costs that are incurred and paid by the company. In the meantime, this money can be used in a more beneficial way for the business or for the people who are involved in the given business.

9. A genuine depiction of demand

Very often some companies face confusions due to the wrong data or due to duplication’s and disordered data. Blockchain technology allows businesses to record and verify their actions within the decentralized network. With the help of the blockchain technology, the data is clear, reliable and useful without the involvement of any brokers or other third parties of such kind.

If we go back to the example of the trucking companies, nowadays, without the blockchain technology one shipper has to be in touch with multiple brokers and those brokers often reach out to the same load board due to lack of communication. When they reach out to the same load board or when they miss out one, it leads to problems with understanding the actual demand which results in extra costs again. This process is full of chances of mistakes and at the same time, it gives the brokers a space for manipulations by making it possible to fake the demand and by allowing to duplicate it.

In case of the application of the blockchain technology the shipper who has access to the network is capable of reaching out to the load boards on his or her own without extra confusions and yet in a very fast manner. With the blockchain technology, the information connected to the load is stored and stamped with the time on the network. This lets different load boards have access to it and eliminates the unnecessary and problematic involvement of the third parties as a fully decentralized system.

10. More liquidity within the supply chain

The blockchain based technologies are capable of not only finding and facing but also solving the inefficiencies that exist in the supply chains around the world. Such technologies aim to reach their objectives, which include making supply chains more flexible, increasing the liquidity within the supply chain as well as improving the operations that take place inside the supply chain. These improvements can be relevant to all sorts of industries including the trucking transportation sector. This way the companies have an opportunity to increase their productivity through the settlement amongst parties that appear to be the individual elements of the entire supply chain.

In the transportation industry, this technology allows saving millions of dollars in payment disputes every day and decrease the long time that is necessary for receiving payments. The cut down of these days will not only save the patience of the company but will also increase the liquidity and the extra administrative work that is completely not necessary. As a result, the companies get a chance to decrease the costs of borrowing they have and in the meantime, the separate parties of the supply chain get to increase their profits.

The potential risks

The benefits of the blockchain technology in sectors such as the transportation industry are enormous, however, there may be a few drawbacks too, which are worth discussing.

Some people believe that the backfire of the blockchain technology, similar to the other data entry methods has some space for the mistakes that can be made by human beings. Other people claim that blockchain technology is an extra and a far from perfect technology which can create more problems related to the logistics. The distrust of these people, in fact, tends to come from the failures of other new technologies that they have witnessed. Finally, the different type of the technology within the supply chain may create some inconsistencies as well as confusions when it comes to the communications and the collaborations between different companies.

What is coming next?

Nowadays, many companies work hard with blockchain technology, which will possibly be a good and a true way of proving what can and what cannot be done with this new innovation. The fact is, that the administrative sectors as well as the transportation industry along with others, need this technology very much right now.
Morgan Stanly once mentioned that the blockchain technology can increase the revenues for the transportation companies with around 500 billion USD. He thinks that this opportunity of the large revenues will be able to pay out for necessary elements that the industry needs right now, for instance, software for supply chain management, the brokerage for global tracking, saving fuel and so on.
All in all, blockchain technology is not only interesting and promising but also a necessity, which will be even more needed in the near future with the constantly changing world.

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Fordele ved Forex Trading

Forex handel online har mange fordele selv for begyndere. Det er steget kraftigt i det seneste årti, da flere og flere mennesker her i landet investerer som fuldtids- eller deltidsjob. Hvis du tager dig tid til at lære det fine, kan du have mulighed for at høste fordelene af det, der kan overstige din daglige indtjening.

Selvom det kan tage tid at blive en online Forex-handler, er det grundlæggende nemt at lære. Det er hurtigt og nemt at finde Forex-markedet og begynde at handle. Det er noget, du gør hvor som helst, så længe du har en computer med internetadgang. Du kan nemt lave din virksomhed gennem finansielle institutioner eller mæglere med minimal investering og indsats.

En anden fordel ved online Forex handel er den unikke valuta, som markedet tilbyder. Du kan købe og sælge penge på dette marked til enhver tid uanset markedet. Det står i modsætning til de aktier, man kan have under en krise. Når du handler på Forex-markedet, har du til enhver tid ret til at tjene penge på dine handler, fordi der er en køber.

Du vil finde Forex online som en meget profitabel forretning, fordi den varer 24 timer.Markedet er søvnløst, og resultaterne vil være gode for dig, hvis du har andre ting at lave, og du kan handle langsomt. Dette skyldes, at du frit kan vælge det rigtige tidspunkt at gøre forretning på for at undgå at afbryde din faste tidsplan.

Du behøver ikke at investere mange penge for at begynde at handle på Forex-markedet. Sammenlignet med andre valutaer såsom aktier, futures og optioner, vil det ikke koste dig mange penge at starte som børsmægler. Der er nogle mæglere, der tilbyder små handelskonti, der kræver minimum 100 USD for at starte. I stedet anbefales det, at du åbner en Forex online handelskonto med nogle få undtagelser, især hvis du er en nybegynder. Dette gør disse midler tilgængelige selv for folk, der ikke har meget startkapital.

En anden fordel ved Forex handel online er evnen til at handle med muligheder. Du kan bruge et lille beløb til at administrere et produkt af høj værdi, der er meget stort. Ved at bruge tillægget kan du få et godt overskud og reducere risikoen. For eksempel, hvis du handler til en 1:100 rente, betyder det, at 100 USD kan hjælpe dig med at købe eller sælge 10.000 USD. Du bør dog bruge tilskuddet meget forsigtigt, da det kan være meget ødelæggende, hvis det ikke bruges korrekt.

Konceptet med Forex Arbitrage og dets typer

Global Forex Forex Market – er et globalt bankmarked, der leverer tjenester til en finansiel institution og etablering af forskellige udenlandske aktiver. I dag er Forex-markedet en telekommunikationsplatform, hvor deltagerne er både fysisk og følelsesmæssigt aktive. Hver dag passerer millioner af handlende i forskellige lande rundt om i verden dette globale marked.

På Forex-markedet er der sådan noget som “Forex-arbitrage”, som repræsenterer en rigtig handelsstrategi. Med den kan du tjene penge på at sælge pengene videre. Hvad skal man gøre – overvej prisudsving på forskellige tidspunkter af dagen inden for et eller flere markeder.

Der er flere typer af Forex arbitrage:

Temporal Forex-arbitrage – baseret på forskelle i priserne på valutagrupper på forskellige tidspunkter af dagen, er meget almindelig på Forex-markedet.

Cross-Forex arbitrage fungerer på grundlag af de samtidige valutakurser, for eksempel USD / EUR og GBP / USD. Sådanne konkurrencer bruges ofte af iværksættere til at handle med penge og overskud fra de forskelle, der er opstået.

Interbourse Foreign arbitrage (type 2) er i høj grad afhængig af forskellen i valutakurser, som er tilgængelige på flere børser, men dens kvalitet i de eksisterende udvekslingsbetingelser er meget kompleks.

Derudover kan Forex arbitrage være enkel eller kompleks. I tilfælde af en Forex-arbitragekrise skal du nøje overvåge volatiliteten af ​​deltagelsesraterne på markedet. Handel på Forex arbitrage version 2: 1 er en nem måde at kommunikere på og er meget almindelig i økonomi. Vigtigheden af ​​kontroversen i første omgang er at handle futures ved at købe og sælge udenlandske valutaoptioner. Processen skal etableres, og dens betingelser afhænger af typen og kravene i den underskrevne aftale

Normalt afhænger valget af handelsmetode af en række faktorer, som du skal overveje, når du deltager i valutamarkedet. Ekstrem forsigtighed bør tages, da mange handlende ser ud til at tabe penge i stedet for at tjene penge på forexmarkederne. Mere end 90 % af handlende (som ikke er involveret i handel eller banker) taber penge i forex, så dette tal skulle fortælle dig, at du ikke kan gå til forexmarkeder uden en solid plan for dit spil.