Terms of Service

A membership to the terms of Service
1. The present membership of the terms of service of the called"members", in accordance with the present stations of the fixed membership program was added to complete and by the authenticator.
2. When you use the services, you consent to and compliance with this Terms of service matters and related legal requirements.
3. The site reserves the audit added to the membership of the rights, in addition has been added to the affiliate, the station also reserve has lifted its membership rights.
4. The present membership of the terms of service of the amendments, applicable to all members, when the present station of the revised terms of service will be present on the station announcements.

Second, Privacy Protection
Respect and according to the Website"Privacy Policy"protection of your privacy(see"Privacy Statement"provision).

Third, the members of
1. Use this site to provide membership services, to join members of the login account and password to use it.
2. Members are required to fulfill the account and password of the use and management of responsibility. For the use of the Member Account Number and password(unrelated to the members themselves or the other person)the use of the site service caused by or derived from the sum of all behavior and as a result, the membership shall be borne all responsibility.
3. Member's account and the password is lost, or found no reason by a third party theft of, it should immediately notify the site contact to report the loss, because not instant notification, resulting in the station cannot effectively prevent and modify, the cause of all the losses, the member shall conceit full responsibility.
4. At the end of each use of the service, the Executive members of the logout and close the window, in order to ensure that your affiliate interests.
5. Theft of the third party, the member's account and password, leading to the third party or the company by any third party or administrative organ of the investigation or prosecution, the third party affiliate or the company reserve the right to request damages, including but not limited to, court fees, lawyer fees, and loss of goodwill and the like.

Fourth, the member login information
1. Member login is required to provide you correct, current and complete information.
2. Member login information is not a fake, not real, etc. of cases(ex such as personal information and credit card information), once discovered, the company may refuse to join the membership of rights. And to suspend or terminate the membership, if the violation of ROC laws, will also be prosecuted according to the law of.
3. Member Information(ex:address, phone, and other login details)when there is a change, please occasional updates related to personal information, ensure that it is correct and integrity. If you provide information about errors or discrepancies, etc. phenomenon, the present site reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your continued use of the service.
4. Without the members consent of the company in principle will not use personal information for disclosure to a third party, the only information shared principles...etc is not in this limit(see the Website"Privacy Statement"related specified).
5. Members should properly keep the password, not the password compromised exposed or provided to others to know or use; with the same membership ID card size, and password to use this service for all acts will be considered to be the members themselves and the password holder's behavior.
6. If a member is found or suspected to have a third person to use their member ID card font or password, you should immediately notify the company, to take the necessary necessary precautions. But the above a notification may be interpreted as the company to the affiliate for any form of compensation or the compensation of responsibility or obligation.

Five, the use of behavior
1. Your use of the services of behavior must conform to local or international laws related to the specification; for users of all acts, and you shall bear all the responsibilities.
2. You agree that you will never for unlawful purposes or in an unlawful manner the use of the service, and does comply with the Republic of China regulations and the Internet in international practice, and to ensure that shall not use the service to engage in violations of the rights of others or illegal behavior.
3. Your use of the site service members should adhere to the following restrictions:
a)detrimental to the others personality or trademark rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights or other rights in the contents.
b)use would be contrary to public order or good customs, or other wrongful act of the text.
c)strong political, religious overtones of extreme rhetoric.
d)without the company's permission, you may not use this service or on this website to provide other resources, including but not limited to Photo Library, write, create web page software, etc., to engage in any commercial transaction Act, or the solicitation of advertisers or sponsors.
e)other violations of the station"Member terms of service"of the content.

Sixth, the company's proprietary rights
1. The services contained in, or the services link of the software or content, or our advertisers or partners provided within the content, are protected by the copyright, or other proprietary right or legal protection.
2. When you transmit information to the company providing the services, you agree that this information is fully open(anyone can browsing). You authorize and permit the company to reproduce, modify, adapt or otherwise use the content, in whole or in part, and use the content to create derivative works. Derived from the writings of the copyright noted owned by the company.

  1. The company agreed except according to the terms of Use Agreement, the aforementioned your information and Derivative Works placed on this website for Internet users to browse, as well as the company belongs to The Associated media, not illegal turn for other direct exploitation of the purpose or infringement of your rights of use.
    4. All pages page-emergence of advertising billboards with the active message, ownership and management rights are to the company, the user except with the prior to obtain the company's consent, shall not use all of the messages.
    5. Members agree and authorize this website to provide the personal service or related value-added services for the purposes of providing the required membership information to the cooperation of the units(a third party)to do the agreed scope of use, such as members disagree with the information listed in the cooperation units(third party)products or services in the list, you can notify the website in the list to delete their information, and at the same time abandon its present site outside of shopping deals or winning rights.
    6. At the same time to provide marketing, market analysis, statistical or research, or to provide members with personalized service or value-added services, members agree that the company, or the company's policy cooperation partner, have to record, save, and use of membership on this site retention or produce information and records, while not exposing all the information of the case was open or the use of Statistics.
    7. For members of the login of the personal data, the member agrees to this site in reasonable within the scope of collecting, processing, preservation, transfer and use the data to provide the user additional information or services, or as to membership statistics, or on the network behavior of a survey or marketing research.

Seven, terminate authorization
Your use of the service behavior in case of any violation of the act or these terms of use or crimes against the site or third party rights and interests of the danger, the company reserves the right to without inform you immediately, temporarily or permanently terminate your use of the service authorization.

Eight, disclaimer
1. The following situations occurs, the site has the right to be stop, interrupt the provision of the services:
a)the present service-related hardware and software of the device for replacement, upgrade, maintenance, or construction time.
b)the occurrence of a burst of electronic communication device failure.
c)acts of God or other force majeure factors resulting in this website cannot provide the services.
2. The company for the user in the use of the services or use of the service due to life any direct, indirect, consequential property or non-property damage, and is not liable for compensation.
3. For the user to upload the message of the text, images and other information shall be at your sole backup; the company for any reason causes the contents of all or a portion of the loss, damage, does not bear any responsibility.
4. The company uses the services of the use or the results generated, do not assume any warranty obligation, nor does it guarantee with the services related to the software is free of defects or will be corrected.
5. For you in this website all of the statements, comments, or act only on your behalf personal; not representing the company's position, the company does not bear any responsibility. The company for the user the claiming of identity, and does not guarantee its accuracy.
6. The Company shall not be required to occur in the services or through the service relates to any threatening, defamatory, obscene or any other wrongful act of you or any person responsible.
7. For you through the service, the purchase or acquisition, or through the company sponsors or advertisers of the publication, sale or delivery of any goods or services, you shall bear its possible risks or law to the goods or the service provider to negotiate a claim with the company totally unrelated to the Company shall not bear any responsibility.

Nine, modify, right
1. When you start to use the service, you represent that you have fully read, understand and agree to these terms of content. The company reserves the right at any time to modify and change the terms of the content, and not individual notice to a member, we recommend that you regularly check the terms of Service. If you present terms of modifications and changes after continued use of the services, as you have read, understand and agree to the terms of the modification or change.
2. The company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or suspend the provision of the service to you, you shall not request any compensation.

Ten, wisdom, protection of property rights
1. The present website the use of software, programming, and all website content, including but not limited to writings, images, files, information, data, website structure, web design, are by this website or other rights of the people according to the law with its intellectual property, including, but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technology.
2. No person shall at their own discretion, use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, converted, disseminate, distribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile or reverse Group translation. If you wish to quote or reprint of the aforementioned software, app or website content, must be legally obtained this website or other rights holders prior written consent. Such as violations, you should this website or other rights of the people responsible for the damages, including but not limited to, court costs and attorneys ' fees, etc.

Eleven, the other provisions
1. Users of this site treaties, the liability for the content of, and also the configuration of the present terms of use part of it.
2. Any use of the services generated by the sum of the dispute, are in Taiwan Taichung District Court as first instance jurisdiction of the court.
3. If due to your use of the services of any of the acts, resulting in the company by a third person, or the Executive of the investigation or prosecution, the company reserve the right to request damages, including but not limited to, court fees, lawyer fees, and loss of goodwill and the like.
4. The company for predictable of hardware and software maintenance work, it is possible to cause the system to interrupt or suspend the person, will to the status before the occurrence to the appropriate way to inform the members.

Twelve, the membership is terminated with the company the notification obligation:
1. The company has to change the services content or termination of any one member Accounts Service rights.
2. If a member decides to terminate the company's membership directly by email notice to the company or by the company provided a mechanism for cancellation, the company will as soon as possible to cancel your membership information.
3. Members have the notice of cancellation to the company membership obligations, and from the cessation of the company membership date to the Company Email date of issue, whichever is greater, and the loss of all the services provided by discount and interests.
4. To avoid malicious violations occur resulting in membership entitlements loss, when a member notifies the company to stop the membership, the company will once again by e-mail after the confirmation, then the cancellation of the membership.