【Seafood】the sauce burned white shrimp

Sauce burned white shrimp material

Main material: extra white shrimp

Secondary material: shallots, ginger silk, minced garlic, sugar, pepper, barbeque, rice wine


The use of rapid freezing of shrimp do not use at room temperature ice retreat, as long as under the tap to punch a few minutes ok Hello ~


Use extra white shrimp, only also have more meat!


Under pan fry before to prepare


Cut off the sharp shrimp head, peel the shrimp when the comparison is not easy to be stabbed to

Make shrimp shrimp quick tasty delicious 袐 formula is=>from the shrimp back on the draw knife, make sauce easy tasty



Ginger wire and garlic spring onion into the pan and saute,added a pinch of sugar stir-fry and pour it into the white shrimp stir-fry, then you can pour a little rice wine(but Home rice wine just run out even if I didn't put a)adding an appropriate amount of soy sauce, stir-fry for two to let the sauce aroma more significant after adding the boiling water, then into a little barbeque and pepper, and finally adding shallots period of stir-fry, you can play pot


Ginger ginger to a delicious sauce for the burning of the white shrimp to complete Hello ~


Only take a picture of a kid eyeing the watch plate of shrimp.


Then with lightning speed attack.......

(Baby to mommy. also in the photo blanket~~~)


To say I'm not a dud, this sauce burned white shrimp to gold Hey ferret drink sipping Yo!


Because in the shrimp back on the draw knife, shorten the sauce tasty time, the whole white shrimp are super tasty


Eat the shrimp, the thousands and I did start to suck about the shrimp before eating, thick to delicious a few dad out Yo!


Practice simple and delicious, and ice friends air can also be at home try to do look at the Yo!