Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea has what effect?

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea has what effect?

Taiwan High Mountain Tea has what effect? Taiwan High Mountain Tea, the main varieties are frozen top Oolong tea, Jin Xuan tea, Jade Tea, four seasons spring tea, Alishan high mountain tea, pear Mountain High cold tea, honey tea(Dongfeng beauty), the old days flavoured Oolong, carbon Pei coffee table types. Taiwan High Mountain Tea has weight loss, beauty and other effects.

Oolong tea is also called green tea, is a semi-fermented tea. It combines green tea and black tea manufacturing method, quality interposed between the two, both black tea flavor, and green tea fragrance.

Oolong tea contains large amounts of polyphenolsCan be improved lipolytic enzymes, reduce blood cholesterol levels, there are slimming, lower blood pressure, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects,is a unique weight loss tea. But due to the polyphenols in vivo metabolism is very fast, and therefore must be continuity of drinking, it can make the body often maintain the antioxidant concentration, if only intermittently tea,the effect must be to reduce the many.

The Obesity journal, a study noted that often drink Oolong tea person, body mass index and fat content of all than to drink less of the people is low. Moreover, Women Weight Loss Results than men significantly. This is because Oolong tea with black tea and green tea compared, in addition to the ability to stimulate pancreatic lipase enzyme activity, reducing sugars and fatty foods is absorbed, it also can accelerate the body's heat production to increase, promote fat burning, especially belly fat accumulation.

Known tea contains more than 500 kinds of chemical composition, the organic component has four hundred and fifty more, the

Which has a physiological role of a lot:Many phenolic compounds

Tea polyphenols, Also known as tannin, tea has a high content of various polyphenolic compounds from tea extract polyphenols compounds of the crude product are referred to as tea polyphenols, clinically can be used for kidney disease, including glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, etc., according to studies, tea polyphenols have anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals and anti-clotting, promoting fibrinolysis, prevent Platelet Adhesion and aggregation, but also to a role in humoral immunity, cellular immunity and the red blood cells of the immune mechanisms that suppress their immune response. According to another study of tea polyphenols may be associated with the cell's genetic material DNA has Pro-cooperation with, thus interfering with DNA biosynthesis and nucleic acid metabolism, and therefore has a certain antibacterial effect, and can prevent dental caries.

Tea in the bitter flavour that is derived from this substance. Such substances with astringent, and has a detoxifying effect, is also alleviate constipation the main material. Also has strong reducibility, can be cleared in vivo superoxide free radicals. In addition, there are anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, blood pressure and other effects. Tea polyphenols in the last important ingredient isCatechin