Antrodia high concentration of the extracts



Product specifications: 10ML/bottle

Suggested price: NT3600

Method of use:

*Each bottle may drop about two hundred times, each time 1 drops, direct oral or warm water taking

*Adult short-term boost resistance to the daily about 15 to 20 drops.

Purpose: the natural anti-inflammatory function, oral administration can be directed to the cavity, toothache, visceral problems, topical can disinfect the wound, acne, needle, etc.

Product features:

The main function can improve the immune system, and generic drugs only relieve different functions, antrodia without affecting the body's defense system mechanisms, to achieve anti-inflammatory and analgesic function, and distributing natural hormones that mobilize the immune system to improve immunity to its ability of sterilization, such as patients undergoing chemotherapy due to the cavity and the esophagus discomfort, with this extract can ease the symptoms