About Heng Li

Honing statehood in International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019, is engaged in import and export trade of professional foreign trade companies, to carry out domestic and foreign trade, and the local supplier cooperation production, entrepot trade and other ways to run the business.


The main business of medical beauty products, tea raw material, frozen aquatic products, frozen food, chemical reagent, rare earth products, chemical machinery, pesticides, agricultural films materials, metals & minerals, agricultural and sideline products, office and household products, computer and peripheral equipment, ship parts, auto parts, Department stores, Arts and crafts, leather, construction materials, dyes and auxiliaries, wood, wood products, clothing and other products import and export business.

Globalization of the economy

At present the company trade scale is expanding, customers throughout the world, with a good reputation has been domestic and foreign customers, to promote China's modernization, promote the World Economic and technological exchanges, enhance peoples friendship has made many positive work.

Business philosophy


Excellent product quality, is our competitiveness!


Quick response, do things faster and do better!


Customer-oriented, dedicated to you!


Elastic thinking, and create a better future!

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